Enters in life, Like sudden air Without knowledge Person starts to care Sweet in the start Then it empties your card Its none less than a disease Puts both in ease For some Feelings emerge But for some its Like a thunder of curse Responsibilities are welcomed Care is taken Until one is not forced […]

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A room

Lastly landed to a small room, Fiting inside just like my doom. Perfect for some, But not for the other some. Being inside it comforts me But looking into it from outside, Thoughts are of conjusted me . Though small in size , But a whole some of individuality and privacy. Feelings of abundency, And […]

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Bad times , certainly for me it is somenthing that has fully occupied my life from every corner it could have . People say if there is NIGHT then it ends with a DAY . There isn’t any problem which couldn’t be solved , problems arise only for the reason to be solved . And […]